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The Wychwood Brewery Session is a new collaborative traditional music session in Witney on Wednesday 11th September at The Wychwood Brewery Tap. The aim is to try to emulate the experience often found in rural Irish and Scottish pubs, a gathering of musicians, a range of instruments, all abilities and for the sheer enjoyment of playing and singing together (and likely a pint or two).

To help provide some structure and focus to the session, we will concentrate on “trad” (see if you can find a definition of that!) based songs and tunes which will likely be largely from the British Isles but also sea shanties and some better known trad-based material from elsewhere (for example the outstanding contemporary reel, “Catharsis”, by Amy McCann from Vermont, USA).

Where and when is the session?

It’s at The Wychwood Brewery Tap, Wychwood Brewery, Eagle Industrial Estate, The Crofts, Witney OX28 4DP.

It will happen on Wednesday 11th September 2019.

Gather from around 19:00 for a first tune at 19:15, finishing around 22:00.


Further Details: The Wychwood Brewery Session

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