This is reproduced from a facebook post by Lisa Heywood that was shared on the Folk in Oxford's facebook page.
Hi everyone  While the gigging's been quiet this summer I've been working on putting together some ceilidh resources! I'm particularly focussing on resources for people who are interested in learning about non-gendered ceilidh calling, after hearing from a few callers that they were interested in giving it a go but weren't sure where to start, so I've put together:
  1. A series of blogs with non-gendered dance instructions (
  2. A page that brings together various non-gendered dance resources from across the internet (
I hope folks find it useful, and please feel free to message me if you have any comments or feedback. At the moment the resources are mostly aimed at callers/organisers, but I'd love to know if there's any information that dancers might also find useful to be added!
Happy dancing 

Folk Tunes and Englishness

Folk Tunes and Englishness

By Alice Little
In this 3-part series, Dr Alice Little speaks with folk musicians, researchers and music collectors about English folk music in history, in performance today, and what it means for music to be 'English'.
In this series you will hear from Becky Price, Rob Harbron, Sam Sweeney, Matt Coatsworth, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Alan Lamb, Marie Bashiru, Jeremy Barlow, Nicola Beazley, Stewart Hardy, and Tom Kitching.

Alice Little is a Knowledge Exchange Fellow with the University of Oxford and the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

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