During the last year or so of Covid Lockdowns all folk related activities have had to be suspended or adadpted to an online format.
Also folk friendly venues, particularly pubs, have had to close or adapt to serving takeaway meals to survive.
Some pubs have closed permanently, and others may do so or be changing hands.

As we slowly emerge from the lockdown regime, folk activities are tentatively beginning to recommence and and several inital outside sessions have been floated on facebook and soundings made about people's willingness to rejoin inside sessions once covid restrictions have been relaxed. Also Morris sides are making moves to resume practices and dancing out.

Currently we have removed all the previously active session listings so that the calendar does not include a lot of suspended events.
Please let us know if and when these sessions recommence and if there has been any change in venue and contact details and we will update our calendar.

Similarly, regarding pubs and other venues, please tell us if you know of any pubs / venues that have closed permanently and for those that have survived if they will still be willing to host music sessions, etc. in the future.

Please let us know of any updates to activities and venues you are involved with by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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