There are two types of country dancing currently being danced by display teams for performances around Oxfordshire - English and Scottish. There are many dance clubs around Oxfordshire where you can learn these types of dance in a relaxed way and just dance them for your own enjoyment (see Social Dance and Scottish dance) but in this section you'll find groups that perform the dances in public, usually in historical or traditional costume.

Historical English country dancing is often referred to as 'Playford' dancing. However the term Playford tends to refer specifically to historical social dances of the 17th and 18th century, and in particular ones that were collected by John Playford and his son. For more information about Playford dancing, there's an interesting article here:

Scottish country dancing is fairly similar in style, but will have its own set of dances, and its own costumes and traditions. Scottish country dancing is not to be confused with Highland dance, which is all about precise footwork, high kicks and swords!