HI - we are a good small chamber choir( 10-12), that tends to gig around the lonely Medi-evil churches of Oxford for pleasure and to raise funds for restorations.. we had 4 cellos and bassoon and organ accompany us last time, for Monteverdi Ave Maris Stella - and various other tracks - but I'm keen on inviting in talented instrumentalists who play classical, but might have a folk or jazz tendency to be more fluid and improvisational in their interests.

So, if you fancy joining us for the odd gig ( probably in September and onto Carols in December) and being a sort of Rolling Thunder Dylanesque troup.. do let me know . typically we have sung - Macmillan, Goodall, Tallis, Cornysh,Cole Porter, Vaughan Williams- accessible song..high quality. but heading to more folkey areas like Scarboro fayre/ She moved through the fair... etc and I think we can make some lovely textures both reading from sheet music and slightly more improvisational .. what say you?

Please let me know ( ideally with  your background and any recordings ( iphone is fine). Many thanks Ashley - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.