Chameleons is an experienced barn dance / English ceilidh band based in the Oxford area.

Chameleons has a flexible line-up, drawn from the membership of top Festival dance band, Geckoes plus other local musicians.

The five-piece Geckoes line-up (plus caller and sound engineer) is often too much for smaller local events where space for the band, time to set up, and perhaps money, are at a premium. Chameleons evolved to fill this gap.With just three musicians plus caller, and a small, quickly assembled PA system, Chameleons is the perfect choice for Weddings, PTAs, Scouts, Guides, Tennis Clubs, Birthday parties etc. etc.

Chameleons is designed to be a flexible band, and the personnel varies from gig to gig. However the instrumentalists who play with Chameleons are all experienced dance band musicians, and share a common repertoire, and a common approach to playing for dancing.

The line-up is drawn from members of Geckoes:

Andy Turner - anglo-concertina

Tom Miller - keyboard, mandola, mandolin, guitar

Caroline Butler - fiddle

Andy Cheyne - fiddle, guitar, mandolin

plus other musicians including

Dave Townsend (Mellstock Band) - accordion

Keith Holloway (Random, Monty's Maggot, New Bandanglo) - melodeon, bass

Jonathan Leach - fiddle, melodeon

Joe Turner - fiddle

Heather Horsley (Old Swan Band, Token Women) - piano


Our regular callers are Caroline Butler and Alan Simpson, but again we have worked with many others including Will Hall and Pete North.