Lucy Amos and Richie Knight have been playing for just over two years as The Sepia Tone Folk Collective. They play their own original songs which are influenced by many different styles of folk music, and some of their own songs are written in the styles of centuries' old traditional English / Irish folk music, to Appalachian folk, Americana country ballads, and even the Delta blues. 

Richie plays the guitar, the harmonica, and the piano, singing backing harmonies, whilst Lucy plays a variety of percussion instruments and sings lead vocals. 

This year we have already performed at The Hanwell Hootie Music Festival on their Busking Boat and, Beaconfest and Runnymede Folk Club. We are still to play at The Stay Wild Festival, on The Narrowboat Sessions and Bunkfest amongst others just to give an impression of our current performance venues and festivals. 

Original recorded albums include 'Feeling Restless', 'No Change In Me I and II', 'Songs In Sepia' and 'Thirteen Thoughts On Solace'. 

We have just recorded our latest EP 'Way Back When' which consists of 5 new tracks and will be released very soon. Our music can all be found on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify:

The Sepia Tone Folk Collective also have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and our own website. Please find the links below: