Season tickets are the tickets which allow you to pop in and out of anything you want to, but don't guarantee you a seat in any particular event. These are SOLD OUT.

Individual Event Tickets are the tickets that guarantee you a seat in the event of your choosing, regardless of what time you arrive. There are currently TICKETS AVAILABLE for all of our individual ticketed event. You can buy these from

However... (this is important)

The number of advance tickets available in some of the smaller venues will be limited, to allow for the fact that some season ticket holders will want to attend. 


Online sales for some of the concerts in the Quaker Meeting House and Deaf Centre will probably be closed in the next week or so (this includes the John Spiers concert, plus Jack Rutter, Kadia, Dan Walsh, Duotone, Dipper Malkin, and Emily Askew Band). If you're thinking you'd like to attend any of those, I'd get in there now and secure your tickets. (

Don't forget, there will almost certainly be tickets on the door for all of our concerts. This is because we try to err on the side of caution when estimating how many can be sold in advance, and once we have established how many season ticket holders have turned up on the day, any remaining seats can be happily sold to the patient souls waiting by the door.

This may be a bit confusing when you're not used to it, but don't worry - we'll get you in somehow. Our Venue Managers are a dedicated team, and even when we had the disaster last year when Hannah James managed to overflow the Deaf Centre(!), everyone who was still waiting outside actually got a seat for the second half.

If you want any more information about ticketing, have a look at this page on our website:


If you want to get on and book, here's the direct link: 

Folk Weekend made it's glorious debut as a properly organised festival in 2012 and each year since has been even bigger and better! We aim to celebrate and showcase the fantastic local folk scene, scheduling the best local musicians alongside well-known nationally acclaimed artists.


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