Joined up Singing run ongoing groups and workshops in Oxford.

We believe that the pleasure of singing with others is everyone's birthright! Our groups are open to anyone, from experienced to shy, or even if you think you "can't sing". You’re welcome whether you usually only sing in the bath, were thrown out of your school choir, or have been confidently reading music for years. Everybody’s voice is unique, so we all have something of value to add to the mix.

All our material is taught "by ear"; a simple listen-and-repeat process which is how songs have been passed on for most of human history. This can be an absorbing and enjoyable process whether you are new to singing, or are more used to reading from a musical score.

We love singing unaccompanied harmony songs. Our repertoire includes pieces written specifically for community singing groups, plus songs from cultures who have a strong tradition of harmony singing (for example, simple harmony songs from South Africa).