There are two options for placing adverts on the site.

Sidebar adverts

These adverts will appear on any page of the site except the front page and calendar. Adverts are grouped together in sets of four, and assigned a position on the page - when the page loads a random advert from the four will be displayed in that position. This means on any given page of the site your advert has a 1 in 4 chance of appearing.

You can buy sidebar adverts for a limited period, or on a rolling monthly subscription. Prices start at £3 per month for members, and £4 per month for non-members.

The adverts should be portrait, and no more than 200 pixels wide. We don't set a limit on height, but it should be in keeping with the layout of the rest of the site; as a guide around 400-700 pixels will look good.

Members click here to buy

Non-members click here to buy

Front page banners

You can also purchase advertising for the front page banner. We only run one front page ad at a time, so your banner will be seen by everyone who visits the home page of the site - the vast majority of our visitors. You can have a front page banner for a maximum of three months - this can be renewed if there is not a waiting list for the space.

Banners should be no more than 900 x 200 pixels. Prices start from £10 per month for members, and £15 per month for non-members.

To enquire about a front page advert This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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