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#LiveToYourLivingRoom - 2021 Dates

Details of concerts being hosted by #LiveToYourLivingRoom are available here:-

Currently listed events are:

 Jan  9  - Jon Boden
Jan 13 - The Shackleton Trio
Jan 16 - Martin Carthy
Jan 20 - Lady Nade
Jan 23 - Rachel Croft
Jan 27 - Piers Cawley
Feb 3 - The Hut People
Feb 6 - Edwina Hayes
Feb 10 - Polly Paulusma
Feb 13 - Karine Polwart
Feb 24 - Bob Fox
Feb 27 - Steel Songbirds

#LiveToYourLivingRoom - December Dates

Please note #LivetoYourLivingRoom events, previously listed on the Folk Weekend Oxford website, now have their own website:

If you want to receive email notification of events you need to register on this new site to join the email list.

#LiveToYourLivingRoom also has a facebook page:

Events currently scheduled for the rest of 2020:

Dec 2nd - Morai
Dec 3rd - Big Band Ceilidh Tunes Workshop 4
Dec 4th - Les Barker
Dec 6th - A Brief History of Christmas
Dec 9th - Swan and Dyers Winter Warmer
Dec 10th - Big Band Ceilidh Tunes Workshop 5
Dec 12th - Winter Wonderland
Dec 13th - Sarah Mathews Fiddle Workshop
Dec 13th - Melrose Quartet
Dec 16th - A Winter Union
Dec 19th - Doug Eunson and Sarah Mathews
Dec 20th - Nick Pope - Family Christmas Special

Details of all events is to be found at

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