The Oxford Fiddle Group was started in 1998 and has grown from half a dozen players to a large group of varied musicians, who have recorded two CDs.

The OFG perform songs and tunes from mainly England and Scotland, but also include material from Ireland and the USA. They are keen to promote their own local musical heritage, so their repertoire includes tunes from Oxfordshire such as 'Old Tom of Oxford', Molly Oxford' and the title track of their latest album 'Beyond the Spires'. The tunes can be foot-tapping jigs and reels, or catchy hornpipes and marches, or beautiful slow airs and laments. Their performances are always tight and fun, yet always played with passion.

The OFG have performed at various venues in and around Oxfordshire and surrounding counties as well mini tours of West Cork in Ireland, and The Algarve in Portugal. They have also performed in Bonn (Germany), Leiden (Holland) and Grenoble (France), as well as a variety of festivals such as The Oxford Folk Festival, Chippenham Folk Festival, Towersey Folk Festival and Nordsjofestivalen (a festival in Norway).

For more information see The Oxford Fiddle Group website.