Come along on Monday evenings and sing with the Sea Green Singers!

Imagine being able to sing your heart out – for things you believe in! Imagine singing in solidarity with people trying to change the world. Imagine a choir you don’t have to audition for – you just need to share the passion of singing for causes you care about. Well, here we are - the Oxford Sea Green Singers!

The Seagreen Singers are a community singing group based in Oxford. We sing songs to change the world. The group was formed after a class arranged by the Oxford Workers' Education Association (WEA), and it’s been going for about 10 years.
We sing at events supporting peace and social justice around Oxfordshire. We’ve sung “alternative” carols for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.We’ve run workshops at Campsfield Detention Centre to meet refugees and cheer the inmates and sung outside in support of the campaign to get it closed. We’ve performed at Fair Trade and Green Fairs, we’ve marched on demonstrations, we’ve supported environment and allotment open days.
The group is named after the colour of the ribbons worn by the Levellers, a radical movement in Cromwell's Model Army. The Levellers believed in equality for all, justice, and human rights – things that inspire us, centuries later. We try to be true to the spirit of the Levellers – steadfastness in the face of oppression, determination to live by their principles.

All are welcome to join, and we encourage anyone interested to come along. We meet at St Columba's Church in Oxford city centre, in Alfred St, Oxford OX1 4EH, off the High Street next to the Bear Pub.

We meet on Mondays at 8pm. All are welcome. You don’t need singing experience, and you don’t have to read music. Just turn up, or for more information contact 07815 914 776, or email sThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..