We are the only site that comprehensively covers the folk scene in Oxfordshire. We're unique, and we're useful, so people use us to find out what's going on in the area. We have a monthly e-newsletter which is currently sent out to around 400 newsletter subscribers.

The site has been active for just over three years, and our latest statistics are showing we're currently getting around 1,300 unique visitors every month. Our visitors engage well with the site; in an average month, around 20% of the visitors to the site stay for longer than 3 minutes, and around 6-7% stay longer than 10 minutes.

Our users like the site because it's easy to navigate, and it's comprehensive. A large part of our site consists of user-generated content, which means it's more likely to be up to date than other publications that rely on one person to keep abreast of everything that's happening.

When you place content on FolkinOxford.co.uk you are putting it in front of a large group of committed users, who are actively engaging with events such as yours on a regular basis.

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